07 09 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

July 9, 2012
Members Present:
John Sheehan
Dick Cleveland
Ernie Chavez
Members Absent:
Ray Sforzo
Jim McNeil, Alpine Engineering
John Sheehan called the regular meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. at the Riverview Cemetery Mausoleum, Minturn, CO.
A. John Sheehan discussed the Minturn Cemetery Administrator position status. Sidney Harrington has accepted the position. John notified the other candidates. Jessica said that she would come in and pay bills and is enthusiastic about training the new person. Everyone agreed that this was acceptable. About 7 unpaid bills have accumulated. John will call Sidney tonight and get them on the same page. Dick commented on allowing time for Sidney to get up and running and for Ray and Sidney to determine how they will work together.
B. Jim McNeil will give a construction update on the status of water. Cold Spring Granite fixed it and it should be good to go. Jim received a
proposal from the company that installed the pump station for a monthly maintenance contract that is $422/mo. Jim will need to work with Ray to get measurements from the guy who did the pump station measurements. He was supposed to come today. He will get a bacteria sample to take to the lab and he will send a report to the state. We don’t know the status of the public works building. We could coordinate flow meter recordings.
C. The board and staff has proceeded with the upper cemetery plot layout. Jim sent Ray a CAD The Board and Jim when on to discuss the need for the plots to be 5×10 not 6×10 which will result in another 50 plots. Ray said they suggested corner pins for measuring as a simple solution rather than going off the last tombstone, which everyone agreed, does not work. We need an easy solution to marking plots and there was a discussion about winter burials. If you are off half a foot in the winter then everything is off moving forward. What about Mausoleum Building storage for the winter months. Ernie opposed this idea. John questions the logic in destroying the cemetery during winter months. Ernie said that we have been doing this for 100 years. John pointed out how digging in the snow affects the grounds. Could the cemetery use the outside crypts for storage and then bury in the ground in springtime? Ray commented that the bylaws may not allow Mausoleum usage for non-members. Ernie firmly disagrees with postponing winter burials. Discussion continued about the layout of the upper cemetery and the best way to do that.
We have hired Eagle Valley Surveying for some preliminary site work to determine the plot layout for the upper cemetery. They will come to the next meeting to give some advice on what they believe will be the best way to lay it out.
D. Discussion about drainage bids and moving forward before the road washes out. A decision was made to use Fitz Landscaping with work to begin as soon as they could schedule it.
A motion was made by Dick Cleveland to approve Fitz Landscaping work and was seconded by John Sheehan. All approved.
E. Memorial Wall Design approval was discussed. Design approval pending, as well as cost determination, plaque design and layout, water drainage, irrigation, snow removal, landscaping.
F. Maintenance contract of the water system was discussed at length. No decisions were made and we are exploring cheaper alternatives.
G. Subcontractor bills and performance issues were discussed and resolutions considered.
Checks and electronic payments were issued and distributed on or after July 24 and include the following:
Check 1345, 7/24/12, $694.30 to Robertson & Marchetti for accounting services
Check 1344, 7/24/12, $110.00 to Town of Minturn for plumbing permit
Check 1328, 7/24/12, $1814.88 to ERWSD for water and sewer
Check 1343, 7/24/12, $1650.00 to Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes for landscaping
Check 1342, 7/24/12, $39.31 to Zee Medical for supply kit
Check 1341, 7/24/12, $1650.00 to Mountain Valley Ventures for landscaping
Check 1340, 7/24/12, $.017 to Eagle County Clerk for vehicle registration fee
Check 1339, 7/24/12, $637.06 to Home Depot for materials
Check 1338, 7/24/12, $244.75 to Century Link for phone and internet
Check 1337, 7/24/12, $42.66 to Office Depot for office supplies
Check 1336, 7/24/12, $10.50 to Vail Lock & Key for re-keying
Check 1335, 7/24/12, $29.98 to ABC Auto Parts
Check 1334, 7/24/12, $5335.00 to Ray Sforzo for contract labor
Check 1330, 7/24/12, $20.55 to Dick Cleveland for operations expense
Check 1332, 7/24/12, $182.71 to Sign Design for advertising/signage expense
Check 1331, 7/24/12, $520.00 to Nelson Electric for hot water heater hook-up
Check 1330, 7/24/12, $1135.00 to AEI for engineering services
Check 1329, 7/24/12, $309.59 to Chase Ink credit card
Check 1304, 7/24/12, $1713.50 to PSI for plumbing expense
Check 1305, 7/24/12, $75.97 to Xcel Energy for utility expense
Check 1306, 7/24/12, $9000.00 to Carlson Memorials for headstone repairs
EFT payment, 8/2/12, $58.25 to Waste Management
EFT payment, 8/2/12, $257.42 to Century Link for phone and internet services
EFT payment, 8/2/12, $17.00 to Office Depot for late fees
No specific new items were mentioned.
A motion was made by Ernie Chavez and seconded by John Sheehan to adjourn the regular meeting at 6:46 p.m. The motion passed unanimously.
The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 10, 2012, 4:00 p.m., at the Minturn Riverview Cemetery Mausoleum, Minturn, CO.
Respectfully Submitted:
Sidney Harrington
Ernie Chavez
Minturn Cemetery District

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