11 12 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

November 12, 2013
Members Present:
John Sheehan
Dick Cleveland
Mike Martinez
Members Absent:
Ray Sforzo
Sidney Harrington
Jim McNeil, Alpine Engineering
John Sheehan called the regular meeting to order at approximately 4:20 p.m. at the Riverview Cemetery Mausoleum, Minturn, CO.
II ROLL CALLJohn, Dick, Mike were all present.
n/aIV APPROVAL OF MEETING MINUTESDick motioned to approve the meeting minutes from October 14, 2013. Mike seconded the motion. John abstained because he was not present at the October 14 meeting.
A. Everyone was surprised and saddened by the news that the Minturn Cemetery District attorney, Allen Christensen, passed away unexpectedly. Board and staff discussed the status of not currently having counsel for the District and all agreed to wait to find out who the Town of Minturn decides to hire and then go from there.
B. Ray gave a property manager report. The cemetery saw two burials in the first two weeks of November including our first burial in the new upper section of the cemetery. Both burials were military service. Secondly Ray reported that the mausoleum filtration system timer has been broken thus that is why the filtration fan/system has not been filtering the air. The fan is now in working order and a new timer has been ordered to replace the broken one. Additionally, the drain swell was cleaned out and spring bulbs were planted by Fitz Landscaping.
C. Sidney presented the recent revisions to the Rules and Regulations using “strikethroughs” so that changes are a little easier to recognize. Dick motioned to approve the revised rules and regulations, John seconded and all were in favor. Sidney reported that the Board of County Commissioners resolution to appoint Mike Martinez is in the process of being revised to correct the term year for Mike’s appointment from four years to six years.
Drawings for the lectern and urn table from Beyond the Tree were approved. Dick motioned to move forward with the furnishings at a price not to exceed $1327.50 for the lectern and $1548.00 for the table. Mike seconded and all were in favor. Finally new logo revisions were presented and Sidney will report back.
D. Dick commented that the line item budget for Ray’s contract labor is approximately 25% over budget and would like to call attention to this. Discussion ensued regarding options for how to manage the expense including amending the budget to account for the increased expense and the actual time it takes to perform burials and run the cemetery seven days a week.

The following electronic funds transfers were made:
EFT 11/12/2013 Century Link 273.62
EFT 11/5/2013 Waste Management 45.00
The following checks were signed:
11/12/2013 1586 A-Peak, Inc. 380.00
11/12/2013 1579 Aqua Tec Stystems, Inc. 740.74
11/12/2013 1587 Burke Harrington Construction 83,114.91
11/12/2013 1588 Chase Ink 243.82
11/12/2013 1589 Defina Construction, Inc. 6,000.00
11/12/2013 1580 Fitz Landscaping 7,000.16
11/12/2013 1581 The Home Depot 268.06
11/12/2013 1578 Integrated Technology & Consulting 925.03
11/12/2013 1590 Martinez Trucking, Inc. 1,000.00
11/12/2013 1577 Mountain Valley Ventures 750.00
11/12/2013 1582 Plumbing Systems, Inc. 282.50
11/12/2013 1583 Roberston & Marchetti, P.C. 679.87
11/12/2013 1591 Sforzo Enterprises, Inc. 7,630.00
11/12/2013 1592 Sidney Harrington 2,362.50
11/12/2013 1593 Vail’s Cleaning Machine 60.00
11/12/2013 1584 Vail Daily 22.04
11/12/2013 1585 Xcel Energy 608.87
Dick motioned to adjourn the regular meeting at approximately 6:05 PM.
The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Monday, December, 2013, 4:00 p.m., at the Minturn Riverview Cemetery Mausoleum, Minturn, CO.
Respectfully Submitted:
Sidney Harrington
Mike Martinez
Minturn Cemetery District

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