April 11, 2016

Members Present:

Dick Cleveland
Mike Martinez
Art Chavez

Members Absent:


Sidney Harrington

Ray Sforzo


Dick Cleveland called the regular meeting to order at approximately 5:00 p.m. at the Riverview Cemetery Mausoleum, Minturn, CO.

Dick, Mike, Art, Ray and Sidney were present.


Mike motioned to approve the meeting minutes from the March 14, 2016 and Art seconded. Mike and Art were in favor and the minutes were approved.

A. Sidney gave an Administrator report:

Sidney presented further information about the veteran’s memorial to finalize the order for the memorial. The title of the memorial was discussed again with the Board and Staff. All agreed that the title should be “Minturn Cemetery Veterans’ Memorial”. Plaque verbiage was finalized as well as the total price for the memorial stone. The contract with Snyder Grand Valley Memorials was approved. Mike motioned to approve the contract at a price not to exceed $14,895.00. Art seconded and all were in favor to move forward with the contract. A deposit check of $7447.00 to begin the production will be signed at this meeting and mailed this week.

Sidney reported to the Board that First Call of Colorado has returned an executed contract for ossuary interments per the contract terms of $5 per cremains.

B. Ray gave a Property Manager report:

Ray reported that there will be a landscaping spring clean-up scheduled for the middle of May. Due to the melting, we have already started cleaning up and Ray has noticed a few areas where burials have sunk resulting in significant ground caving.

Ray wanted to point out to the Board and Staff that there was over $5,000 worth of irrigation put in last year and that the landscaping expenses for 2015 were not just for flowers but for irrigation, sod and gabled rock to support drainage.

Furthermore, discussion ensued regarding Fitz Landscaping and whether or not we will work extensively with them for the 2016 summer. Dick commented on the appropriate billing leverage for landscaping subcontractors. Ray would like to keep the Fitz irrigation team and grounds/sod crew. The flower crew is the most challenging to manage. Ray recommends that we continue our contract for weekly lawn mowing with Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes and believes they are the best team for the job because they consistently take care to mind the memorials and carefully mow around memorials. Ray stated that keeping Fitz for the sake of “flower warranty & knowledge” is preferable. He would like to obtain a formal proposal from Fitz Landscaping to review with the Board at the next meeting.

Dick requested that we have a billing line item for grave maintenance as it relates to new burials including labor hours (filling in dirt, compacting, sodding). Sidney will speak to Kathy at Marchetti & Weaver about adding this to our account list.

The shed building project / land lease with the Town of Minturn was also discussed. Sidney asked Matt Mire to initiate the conversation with the Town’s attorney. The approximate amount of land in question is 1000 square feet. Ray has been in communication with Jim McNeil and Burke Harrington to further assess the project details as they continue to develop. It was determined that a 50 ft. x 18 ft. building is an appropriate size for the ATV, the mini excavator, the Bobcat, and the truck to be stored inside. Also inside the building will be ground burial platform materials. The addition of an extra three feet to the new building has a cost affect that will need to be assessed by the Board. Will the plan for the retaining wall and structural plan change? We are in a “holding pattern” until we hear from the Town of Minturn.

The following electronic funds transfers were made:

EFT 4/11/2016 Century Link 259.30

EFT 4/4/2016 Vail Honeywagon 30.00

EFT 4/22/2016 ERWSD 0.00

The following checks were signed:

4/11/2016 1979 A4S 800.00

4/11/2016          Firstbank 0.00

4/11/2016 1977 Hoffmann, Parker, Wilson & Carberry 185.00

4/11/2016         The Home Depot 0.00

4/11/2016 1980 MW Window Cleaning Inc. 175.00

4/11/2016 1981 Sforzo Enterprises, Inc. 5,820.00

4/11/2016 1982 Sidney Harrington 2,000.00

4/11/2016 1983 Snyder Grand Valley Memorials  7,447.00

4/11/2016 1978 Xcel Energy 1,043.61

Audit, shed building, landscape proposals


Mike motioned to adjourn the regular meeting at 5:45 p.m., Art seconded and all were in favor.

The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 9, 2016, 5:00 p.m., at the Minturn Riverview Cemetery Mausoleum, Minturn, CO.



Art Chavez
Minturn Cemetery District Secretary/Treasurer

Respectfully Submitted:

Sidney Harrington