MEETING MINUTES – October 10, 2016



October 10, 2016


Members Present:

Dick Cleveland

Mike Martinez

Art Chavez


Members Absent:




Ray Sforzo

Sidney Harrington




Dick Cleveland called the regular meeting to order at approximately 4:00 p.m. at the

Riverview Cemetery Mausoleum, Minturn, CO.




Dick, Mike, Art, Ray and Sidney were present.




John Sheehan, of Vail, attended the meeting to discuss the idea of placing a plaque on

the memorial wall for Jim McNeill of Alpine Engineering. John stated that Jim was a very

hard working and dedicated partner in completing the cemetery mausoleum project. He

went on to say that Jim’s sudden and untimely death has been devastating to Anne

McNeill, Jim’s wife.


Sidney had a plaque proof mocked up for Board approval. John will take a copy and present it to Anne for approval of spelling.




Mike motioned to approve the meeting minutes from the September 12, 2016 regular meeting and Art seconded. All were in favor and the minutes were approved.




Ken Marchetti presented the 2017 preliminary budget and conducted the public hearing as required by Colorado law. Ken reported that the District Revenue has remained flat in comparison to 2016 which is not uncommon for a non-assessment year. Board and staff reviewed the line items and discussion ensued regarding appropriate budgeting for 2017.


Ken reported that most of the budget items are holding steady from this year to last. There will be minor capital items added to 2017 including $10,000 for operable windows in the mausoleum as well as $10,000 for new flower beds in the cemetery. The $65,000 for the shed building that was budgeted for 2016 will also remain as a capital item. For operations we will add a budget maintenance line item for “Roadway Maintenance” and plan for $12,000 for seal-coating the cemetery roadway.


Mike motioned to approve RESOLUTION 1-2016 to adopt the 2017 District budget and RESOLUTION 2-2016 to set the tax mil levy at 0.540 mils. Art seconded and all were in favor. Lastly, Art motioned to approve RESOLUTION 3-2016 to appropriate sums of money as discussed in this meeting, and Mike seconded. All were in favor. President Dick Cleveland signed the resolutions as well as the required paperwork to engage McMahon and Associates to conduct the 2016 audit for the Cemetery District.



Sidney gave an Administrator report:


Sidney discussed the Veterans memorial stone dedication ceremony and has been in communication with Pat Hammon. Board and staff discussed ideas for a brief dedication ceremony. A short dedication speech, local Minturn veterans, and a simple ceremony will be planned for Veterans’ Day. Mike knows a veteran who would be a good person to include. Dick recommended that we look to Pat Hammon for logistics and coordination efforts with Veterans.


Sidney presented the St. Patrick’s Parish bulletin advertisement renewal and Board agreed to renew the ad at the Bronze Sponsor level of $490. This year Sidney will add the local phone number to the ad.


Ray gave a Property Management report:


Ray is looking for direction for keeping the shed building on our radar screen. Ray has spoken with Alpine Engineering’s Matt Wadey, who is a new partner in Alpine Engineering but has worked at the firm for nearly 20 years under Jim McNeill. Dick does not want to move forward with any work and says it would be premature to do so since we do not know what direction we are moving in with the building. Sidney reported that the TOM annexing the land is still on hold.


Ray is looking to renewing the snow removal contract with A4S, the same provider as last year. Dick suggested that we engage in a two-year contract so that we can lock in our price.


Ray reported that there will be two more cremation interments this month.


Sidney presented the fuel log and inventory book.





The following electronic funds transfers were made:


EFT 9/23/2016 ERWSD 2,994.33

EFT 10/3/2016 Vail Honeywagon 46.00

EFT 10/10/2016 Centurylink 188.83


The following checks were signed:


10/10/2016 2075 ABC Parts, Inc. 154.97

10/10/2016 2076 Defina Construction, Inc. 400.00

10/10/2016 2077 Firstbank 951.44

10/10/2016 2078 The Home Depot 222.18

10/10/2016 2073 Marchetti& Weaver, LLC 385.00

10/10/2016 2079 Mountain Valley Ventures 250.00

10/10/2016 2080 MW Window Cleaning 350.00

10/10/2016 2084 Peggy Peters, HT 1,140.00

10/10/2016 2074 Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes 1,525.00

10/10/2016 2081 Sforzo Enterprises, Inc. 6,680.00

10/10/2016 2085 Sidney Harrington 2,560.00

10/10/2016 2082 Colorado Mountain News Media 19.76

10/10/2016 2083 Xcel Energy 131.22








Mike motioned to adjourn the regular meeting at 5:09 p.m., Art seconded and all were in favor.


The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 14, 2016, 4:00 p.m., at the Minturn Riverview Cemetery Mausoleum, Minturn, CO.


Respectfully Submitted:

Sidney Harrington





Art Chavez

Minturn Cemetery District