Meeting Minutes – October 2014

minutes-iconMembers Present: John Sheehan Dick Cleveland

Members Absent: Mike Martinez

Staff: Sidney Harrington, Ray Sforzo





I           CALL TO ORDER

John Sheehan called the regular meeting to order at approximately 5:30 p.m. at the Riverview Cemetery Mausoleum, Minturn, CO.


II          ROLL CALL

John, Dick, Ray and Sidney were all present. Mike was absent.






Dick motioned to approve the meeting minutes from September 8, 2014. John seconded the motion and all were in favor.



  1. A. Ray reported a successful lawn mowing season; however, next year, he will request that all grass be bagged during moving to avoid potential grass stains on monumen


Ray has collected three bids for snow removal:


  1. 1. Robert Martinez per plow price: $70.00
  2. 2. A4S Construction per plow price: $150.00
  3. 3. DeFina per plow price: $220.00


Pricing was discussed by Board and staff and Ray would like to recommend A4S for 2014-2015 snow removal. Dick motioned to move forward with a seasonal contract with A4S contingent upon contract review by Sidney. John seconded and all were in favor.


Ray has been gathering more information about the storage shed as he has been soliciting bids from several subcontractors. It appears that site work involving utilities and several subcontractors is imminent to build the shed and level and pave the area correctly. Ray had a meeting with Jim McNeil regarding the building and would like to work with Alpine Engineering to prepare a plan from the Topo drawings that were done for the existing shed. Jim McNeil recommended utilizing a general contractor for the job. Board agreed that we need to do a little more “homework” and put this project on hold until we gather more information and access needs.


A used Kubota RTV 1100 vehicle has been on loan here at the Cemetery for the purpose of determining whether or not we should purchase for use here at the Cemetery. The vehicle only has 500 hours on it and features turf tires that allow for ease of access directly on the grass at grave sites. There is a convenient dump feature and we can add a gravel spreader. Ray thinks this vehicle is most important for its efficiency as it relates to the property. Board and staff examined the vehicle and Dick motioned to buy the Kubota for

$12,500.00, John seconded and all were in favor.


  1. B. Sidney gave an Administrator report:


We had a burial on September 20 in the upper cemetery and all went well. It has been a busy summer with several cremains and casket burials throughout the cemetery.


Sidney reported to the Board and staff, that the Town of Minturn (Willy Powell, Town Manager) has been informed about our potential paving projects directly outside of the front gates. Ray confirmed that we would pave 15 feet out and the gravel swale would stay. The town is okay with the project moving forward in 2015. Additionally, Sidney has also spoken with Willy Powell about the potential purchase of the old Town of Minturn police truck that is currently for sale.


Sidney presented an engagement letter to Board for conducting the 2014 audit with McMahon & Associates. John motioned to move forward with the audit, Dick seconded and all were in favor.


Sidney presented an engagement letter to retain District accounting services with Marchetti & Weaver, LLC, formerly , Robertson & Marchetti, P.C. Dick motioned to approve, John seconded and all were in favor.


Sidney reported that Benjamin Linscott with the Eagle County Coroner’s office has contacted the District again regarding the burial remains of the old rancher that was found during a construction excavation in Vail who is to be laid to rest close to his home. Eagle County would like to move forward with purchasing a burial plot here. In an effort to save tax payers money, the Board agreed to waive fees for the cremains excavation fee of $100 and the grave layout fee of $50.



The following electronic funds transfers were made:

EFT     9/20/2014                  ERWSD         304.00

EFT     10/3/2014                  Vail Honeywagon    31.16

EFT     10/1/2014                  Waste Management           50.00

EFT     10/15/2014               Waste Management           25.00


The following checks were signed:


10/22/2014   1763 A-Peak Asphalt        1,514.00

10/22/2014 1759 Centurylink 260.36
10/22/2014 1748 Chase Ink 1,184.20
10/22/2014 1749 Defina Construction 500.00
10/22/2014 1750 Digital FX      500.00
10/22/2014 1745 Fitz Landscaping, Inc.        16,254.66



10/22/2014 1751 Home Depot 54.21
10/22/2014 1753 Martinez Trucking, Inc. 500.00
10/22/2014 1746 Marchetti & Weaver, LLC 464.50
10/22/2014 1752 Mobloggy      38.75
10/22/2014 1760 MW Window Cleaning 175.00
10/22/2014 1754 Orkin Pest Control 1,000.00
10/22/2014 1747 Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes 963.36
10/22/2014 1761 Sforzo Enterprises, Inc.      7,157.50
10/22/2014 1762 Sidney Harrington   2,240.00
10/22/2014 1755 SVE Portable Roadway Systems 2,562.00
10/22/2014 1756 Vail’s Cleaning Machine    270.00
10/22/2014 1757 Vail Daily       22.04
10/22/2014 1747 West Vail Shell        161.71
10/22/2014 1758 Xcel Energy 150.12



Dick motioned to adjourn the regular meeting and John seconded at approximately 6:49 PM.


The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 8, 4:00 p.m., at the

Minturn Riverview Cemetery Mausoleum, Minturn, CO.



Respectfully Submitted: Sidney Harrington Administrator


Mike Martinez

Minturn Cemetery District