MEETING MINUTES September – 12, 2016



September 12, 2016


Members Present:

Dick Cleveland

Mike Martinez

Art Chavez


Members Absent:





Ray Sforzo

Sidney Harrington




Dick Cleveland called the regular meeting to order at approximately 4:00 p.m. at the

Riverview Cemetery Mausoleum, Minturn, CO.




Dick, Art, Mike, Ray and Sidney were present..








Dick motioned to approve the meeting minutes from the August 8, 2016 regular meeting and Art seconded. All were in favor and the minutes were approved.




Ray brought up the recent news that Jim McNeil of Alpine Engineering passed away suddenly a few weeks ago. Ray suggested that the Cemetery honor his commitment and professional contributions to many cemetery building projects by placing a plaque on the memorial wall. Dick motioned to place a plaque in his name to recognize his work for the Cemetery at the expense of the District. Art seconded and all were in favor.


Sidney gave an Administrator report:


It’s that time of year to discuss ideas for potential capital improvement projects for the Cemetery in preparation for the October meeting where a public hearing will be held to discuss the 2017 budget for the District. Dick asked Board and Staff for suggestions for Capital items. Sidney recommended that we keep the shed building


on the list at $65,000 and discussion ensued with regards to building size as it may relate to adjusting the budget for this item. Ray reminded the Board and Staff that we need to accommodate coverage for four vehicles/machinery inside the building. The shed building will remain on the capital list but is on hold until Town of Minturn has authority to rule on the request for a land-extension.


Ray mentioned improving the landscaping along the hardscape areas with flowers/plantings in the cemetery, and Dick reminded everyone that landscaping is not labeled as “capital” improvements.


Staff recommended that the fixed window in the office be replaced with a window that opens and discussion ensued. Cross ventilation, awnings and screens were discussed with regards to multiple windows in the building. Further exploration is required.


Sidney suggested seal coating or re-paving the cemetery drive and Dick reminded everyone that a capital expense is a specific item with a specific life span and seal coating is a maintenance item. Dick suggested getting a price quote from Mountain Maintenance as well as from Bruce Yankee. Ray will pursue.


Other discussion items included bike ride events that convene at Little Beach Park and fill up Cemetery Road. Art suggested having signage made to place in the area. Sidney will coordinate with the Town of Minturn.


An inventory list was presented to the Board and Sidney will add serial numbers where applicable. Logo’d stickers were added to all tools and equipment to identify cemetery property. Art inquired about viewing log books/mileage and machine hours. Dick requested that this become part of the monthly report.


Ray gave a Property Management report:


Ray reported on burials and interments. We had a cremains interment at the exterior niche wall in the mausoleum for James Feldhaus and a ground cremains interment for Shirley Lopez. An infant burial for a Burmese family from Vail also took place in the upper cemetery. Sidney added that we will have two more cremains interments upcoming in the next couple of weeks pending contract execution and payment.


Ray presented photos and pricing for approval of a forklift extension for the Bobcat loader for the purpose of safely moving the dirt box and ease of use vs. the track hoe. Ray further explained to Art and the Board the multiple use situations that are ideal for this attachment including attachment mechanisms. Mike commented that he agrees that the machine is slow and cumbersome to work with and supports the purchase to assist with ease of burial operations. Art supports the purchase and the Board unanimously agreed to buy a new one (vs. a used one).


Board noted a missing cover for the safety valve and Ray said that the snow plow damaged it. Ray will ensure it is replaced.


Sidney commented that perhaps we consider fencing the backside of the storage fence area along the south side of the drive now that the new trail has been installed behind the property. Dick and Art did not feel this was necessary because the Town of Minturn shop is such an eyesore anyway.


The flagpole for the veterans’ memorial has arrived as discussed in previous meetings (anodized aluminum, 15’ pole w/ solar light). Staff is waiting for an alternate pole cap to arrive and Ray will install the pole in a poured concrete base. We will have the pole placed and the monument ready to go for the Veterans’ Day commemorative ceremony. Mike asked Sidney to notify veterans’ from Minturn that have moved away.


In other news, Shannon with Baily-Kent Funeral Home has purchased the funeral home in Gypsum and is looking for staff.


In closing Sidney stated that all future meeting reports will contain copies of credit card receipts as well as itemized fuel logs/machine hours.




The following electronic funds transfers were made:


EFT 9/6/2016 Vail Honeywagon 46.00

EFT 8/20/2016 ERWSD 1,141.56


The following checks were signed:


9/12/2016 2068 Firstbank 529.62

9/12/2016 2064 Fitz Landscaping 855.08

9/12/2016 2094 Fitz Landscaping 771.74

9/12/2016 2069 The Home Depot 91.14

9/12/2016 2065 Marchetti& Weaver, LLC 110.00

9/12/2016 2071 Peggy Peters, HT 1,710.00

9/12/2016 2070 Mountain Valley Ventures 1,104.00

9/12/2016 2066 Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes 1,220.00

9/12/2016 2067 Sforzo Enterprises, Inc. 6,360.00

9/12/2016 2072 Sidney Harrington 2,560.00

9/12/2016 2095 Xcel Energy 122.05




Memorial plaque for Jim McNeil, 2017 District budget hearing, Memorial stone commemoration




Art motioned to adjourn the regular meeting at 5:06 p.m., Mike seconded the motion and all were in favor.


The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 10, 2016, 4:00 p.m., at the Minturn Riverview Cemetery Mausoleum, Minturn, CO.


Respectfully Submitted:


Sidney Harrington






Art Chavez

Minturn Cemetery District