June 13, 2016


Members Present:
Dick Cleveland

Mike Martinez

Art Chavez Members






Sidney Harrington

Ray Sforzo




Dick Cleveland called the regular meeting to order at approximately 5:00 p.m. at the

Riverview Cemetery Mausoleum, Minturn, CO.




Dick, Mike, Art, Ray and Sidney were present








Mike motioned to approve the meeting minutes from the May 9, 2016 and Art seconded. All were in favor and the minutes were approved.




Art mentioned that he continues to receive compliments about the appearance of the cemetery, including people who have moved out of town and have returned to visit to find it looking its best ever.


Sidney gave an Administrator report:


Sidney recently met with Willy Powell, Town of Minturn (TOM) Town Manager, and

Mike Sawyer, TOM attorney, regarding the 1000 square foot parcel of land that the

District is interested in obtaining for the purpose of expanding the shed building. The

Town of Minturn recently discovered that the land upon which the cemetery lies and

the surrounding land has mistakenly never been annexed into the Town of Minturn.

The Town is working on annexing the surrounding areas and has stated that they

will re-draw the property lines per our request and in accordance with appropriate

TOM building/set-back codes. This process will likely require a survey, by which the

TOM will be required to perform in order to annex all of the land. Sidney consulted

with Matt Mire regarding annexation to the Town and Matt said that he does not see

any reason why we should not be annexed into Minturn and advised that we do so.

Sidney will contact the TOM for further annexation conditions, requirements and

expenses that the District might incur.


The independent contracts for Administrator and Property Manager are due to expire

and it is time for the members of the Board to review and discuss terms and

conditions. The Board and Staff ensued in discussion regarding several items

including perpetuating agreement terms. Dick pointed out that within the existing

contract language (item No.1 Term. and No.8.Termination) this subject has already

been addressed.


Ray gave a property manager report:


The shed building project is on hold indefinitely.

The Cemetery has been contacted regarding a disinterment for a burial from 1985. Leslie Ann Sukenick is buried in the lower cemetery and her family is working with a Glenwood Springs funeral home to execute the disinterment process. Ray has been working with the funeral director and our excavator to set a date and work out the details of exhumation. Sidney has also been working with the funeral director to acquire the appropriate paperwork and prepare an invoice. Sidney stated that the District Fee Schedule lists a price of $5000.00 for this service.


Ray continued to say that he has been investigating/probing the burial site and measuring in accordance with the GPR survey and we will be ready. Mike commented that we really do not know what we will find upon excavation. All agreed that we will not move forward without appropriate paperwork.


The Villeda casket burial took place on Wednesday, June 8. There were about 150 people who attended the burial service that lasted 3+ hours.


The Town of Minturn was a week late in turning on the water. Unfortunately it was hot and we had to go and buy hoses to hand water the flowers and grass. Dick commented that the property looks very nice.


Ray would like to purchase a boom crane attachment for the Bobcat forks. The crane will enable us to safely move the dirt box for casket burials. It would make things easier and costs $1500.00 + shipping. Ray will present a photo and cost estimate for the Board to review at the next meeting.




Dick motioned to go into executive session pursuant to CRS 24-6-402(4)(B)(f) to receive legal advice on specific legal questions and to discuss personnel matters regarding contractor compensation. Mike seconded and all were in favor.


As a result of discussion amongst the Board of Directors, it is noted that the pay rate will remain at $40.00/hr. and further discussion regarding the daily expenses to operate the cemetery as it relates to the budget and job descriptions is required at a future meeting. Dick stated that though the cemetery looks better than ever and that staff is doing a great job, the Board is looking for input from staff on ways to “cut costs”. The Board has to consider whether or not the fulltime presence is worth the cost and/or is there a better way to manage it, i.e. fulltime vs. part-time. This is a dilemma that needs to be reviewed.




The following electronic funds transfers were made:


EFT 5/9/2016 Century Link 273.04

EFT 5/31/2016 Vail Honeywagon 28.96

EFT 6/2/2016 Vail Honeywagon 50.00

EFT 6/3/2016 Vail Honeywagon 46.00

EFT 5/20/2016 ERWSD 0.00


The following checks were signed:


6/13/2016 2025 Advanced Diesel Pro 668.50

6/13/2016 2026 Dafina Construction, inc. 500.00

6/13/2016 2027 Firstbank 761.03

6/13/2016 2028 Fitz Landscaping 4,585.00

6/13/2016 2029 The Home Depot 532.46

6/13/2016 2023 Marchetti & Weaver 827.10

6/13/2016 2030 Meridian Intermountain/Vail Electronics 217.50

6/13/2016 2037 Mobloggy 705.00

6/13/2016 2024 McMahan and Associates, LLC 4,500.00

6/13/2016 2031 Mountain Valley Ventures 2,852.00

6/13/2016 2032 Orkin Pest Control 2,500.00

6/13/2016 2038 Peggy Peters, HT 1,740.00

6/13/2016 2033 Plumbing systems, inc. 2,065.00

6/13/2016 2034 Sforzo Enterprises, Inc. 9,360.00

6/13/2016 2039 Sidney Harrington 3,280.00

6/13/2016 2035 Xcel Energy 750.33

6/13/2016 2036 Yunker Trucking 250.00




Ray & Sidney contract execution. Board/Staff discussion regarding property mgmt. tasks as it relates to budget and expense to operate the cemetery.




Art motioned to adjourn the regular meeting at 6:18 p.m., Mike seconded and all were in favor.



The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 8, 2016, 4:00 p.m., at the Minturn Riverview Cemetery Mausoleum, Minturn, CO



Respectfully Submitted:

Sidney Harrington





Art Chavez

Minturn Cemetery District