MEETING MINUTES – February 2016

February 8, 2016

Members Present:

Dick Clevelend
Mike Martinez
Art Chavez

Members Absent:


Sidney Harrington
Ray Sforzo


Dick Cleveland called the regular meeting to order at approximately 5:01 p.m. at the Riverview Cemetery Mausoleum, Minturn, CO.

Mike, Art, Dick, Ray and Sidney were present.


Mike motioned to approve the meeting minutes from the January 11, 2016 as well as the REVISED minutes (to correct clerical errors relating to the check numbering) from December 14, 2015 meeting and Art seconded. All were in favor.


Board and Staff reviewed itemized budget line item spreadsheets prepared by Marchetti & Weaver for cemetery operations landscape maintenance and landscape capital improvements. Both line items were over-budget for the year 2015 and we need to have an understanding of why. There was a significant amount of money spent with Fitz Landscaping. Sidney commented that it is quite possible that some of the expenses are in fact from 2014 but were paid for in the year 2015 due to untimely billing practices by Fitz Landscaping. Board and staff continued to scrutinize the spreadsheets and it was determined that due to the significant amount of money in question we need to pull together all of the Fitz Landscaping invoices for further review of the details.

Sidney will pick up the invoices from the accounting office for further review at the March board meeting.

  1. Sidney gave an Administrator report:
    Sidney has been working on the veteran’s memorial plaque verbiage with Pat Hammon and there are some minor revisions to our suggested verbiage. Furthermore, Snyder Grand Valley Memorials is assisting with pricing out a monument grade, custom boulder. The boulder will be approximately 3×3 or similar in size in a Colorado rose granite. In keeping with the organic look, the boulder will have a rough look. Once the snow melts, we can pin-point exactly where we would like to place the memorial at the entry of the Cemetery.
    Secondly, Sidney asked the Board to discuss whether or not we allow patrons to inter pet cremains alongside them in the mausoleum niche spaces. Discussion ensued about the current rules & regulations and interment rights contract. Currently there is no specific verbiage as it relates to burying pets in the cemetery; however, the interment rights contract specifies human remains. The Board decided that it’s okay to place or co-inter ashes of pets at the same time ashes of humans are interred in the niche wall or the ground. Pets may not go in separately or prior to any human interment in any space (niche or ground). Memorializing the pet on the plaque shall also be allowed. Perhaps a “pet section” in the Cemetery is a topic for future discussion.
  2. Ray gave a Property Manager report:
    Ray reported that snow removal is ongoing and we have successfully maintained driveway clearing and positioning. Ray is personally doing the push backs. We have had 220 inches of snow this season.

The following electronic funds transfers were made:

EFT 2/8/2016 Century Link 264.19

EFT 2/3/2016 Vail Honeywagon 30.00

EFT 1/22/2015 ERWSD 0.00

The following checks were signed:

2/8/2016 1986 A4S 900.00

2/8/2016 1987 ABC Auto Parts 11.99

2/8/2016 1988 Firstbank 538.57

2/8/2016 1989 The Home Depot 1,271.43

2/8/2016 1985 Marchetti & Weaver, LLC 362.00

2/8/2016 1990 Meridian Intermountain/Vail Electronics 407.00

2/8/2016 1992 MW Window Cleaning Inc. 175.00

2/8/2016 1993 Sforzo Enterprises, Inc. 5,400.00

2/8/2016 1920 Sidney Harrington 1,920.00

2/8/2016 1995 Xcel Energy 1,214.51

2/8/2016 1991 Vail Valley ACE Hardware 73.13

Board and Staff review of Fitz Landscaping invoice details from 2015


Art motioned to adjourn the regular meeting at 6:04 p.m., Mike seconded and all were in favor.

The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 14, 5:00 p.m., at the Minturn Riverview Cemetery Mausoleum, Minturn, CO.



Art Chavez
Minturn Cemetery District Secretary/Treasurer

Respectfully Submitted:

Sidney Harrington