Minturn Cemetery District
Riverview Cemetery and Mausoleum
Rules and Regulations

The River View Cemetery is a special district cemetery with out-of-district and former in-district plot fees set by the Minturn Cemetery District Board of Directors.

For purposes of these Rules and Regulations, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

A. “Cemetery” means the River View Cemetery and Mausoleum.

B. “Cemetery District” or “District” means the Minturn Cemetery District.

C. “Certificate of Interment Right” means the document by which the District conveys to

a Purchaser of Interment Rights the exclusive right of Interment in a particular Grave, Crypt, or Niche.

D. “Crypt” means a space in a mausoleum of sufficient size used, or intended to be used to entomb human remains.

E. “Grave” means a plot of ground within the River View Cemetery used, or intended to be used for the interment of human remains by burial.

F. “Gravesite monuments” means all permanent structures erected to memorialize a person such as headstones, memorials, statues, pillars, columns and memorial benches.

G. “Interment” means the disposition of human remains by burial, entombment, or inurnment.

H. “Interment Right” means the particular right to inter the remains of a deceased person in a specific Interment Space in the River View Cemetery, subject to the limitations set forth in the Interment Rights Agreement and these Rules and Regulations; provided that an owner of an Interment Right does not, by virtue of such ownership, acquire ownership of the Interment Space or of any land or improvements in the River View Cemetery or any other interest in real property whatsoever.

I. “Interment Services” means the opening and closing of a particular Interment Space in connection with an Interment.

J. “Interment Space” refers to the particular Grave, Crypt or Niche within the Cemetery to which a particular Interment Right relates.

K. “Inurnment” means the placement of cremated human remains into a Niche.

L. “Niche” means a space used, or intended to be used, for Inurnment.

M. “Plot” means a space within the Cemetery used, or intended to be used, for the

interment of human remains. The term includes and applies to one or more adjoining Graves, one or more adjoining Crypts or one or more adjoining Niches.

  1. Children: Children under 12 years of age, unless accompanied by an adult, are not permitted on Cemetery grounds.
  2. Notices and Advertisements: No signs, notices or advertisements of any kind shall be allowed in the Cemetery, unless placed by the Cemetery.
  3. Animals: Only service animals will be permitted in the Cemetery and a leash must restrain them at all times. Dog owners are prohibited from allowing their dogs to litter on Cemetery grounds.
  4. Hours: Without the prior written consent of Cemetery staff, no person shall be allowed in the Cemetery between the following times: one (1) hour after sunset and continuing to one (1) hour before sunrise.
  5. Vehicles: All vehicles must stay on paved roads within the Cemetery.
  6. Food and Beverages: No food or beverages allowed in the Cemetery.
  1. Vendors:  All vendors must have prior approval from Cemetery staff before entering Cemetery grounds.
  2. Damages:  Any person, firm, corporation or agent thereof shall be held responsible for causing any damages within the Cemetery, and shall be at all times supervised by Cemetery staff.
  1. Location of Interment:  When instructions for opening a grave are indefinite or for any reason the grave cannot be opened in the location specified, Cemetery staff will have it opened at such a place on the lot as may seem best under the circumstances to avoid delaying funerals.
  2. Interment Criteria:a. Any coffin or other type of container for a corpse must be sufficiently sturdy and rigid so that it may be lowered into the grave by the Cemetery’s equipment without bending, cracking or breaking.b. Multiple interments will be executed at the discretion of Cemetery staff and determined by location of the grave and seasonal weather constraints.  A maximum of up to one casket interment and four cremains inurnments may be permitted within a single plot.

    c. Vaults or other casket protective devices are not required for casket burials; however, if a vault is to be used for a burial, Cemetery staff shall determine if there is enough space to install a vault or other casket protective device and a Vault Service Fee shall be paid by the plot owner as set forth in the Cemetery Fee Schedule attached hereto as Exhibit A. Homemade vaults are not permitted under any circumstances.

  3. Gravesite Monuments:   Gravesite monuments shall maintain the integrity and historical aspect of the Cemetery, as determined by the Cemetery District. Cemetery staff must supervise the Placement of all gravesite monuments.  Any type of memorial that does not comply with these standards and guidelines is subject to removal.
    a. All monuments shall be placed be installed by either: 1) a trade professional; or 2) Cemetery staff (installation fees will apply), and shall not exceed 36 inches in height.

        b. Cemetery staff shall be notified at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of placing a headstone so the grave can be properly laid out. Headstones may be placed during the months of June through September each year. The district recommends that headstones be placed at least six (6) months or longer after interment or inurnment.

        c. Memorial benches shall be pre-approved by the District. Cemetery staff and the donor of the memorial bench must agree to the placement location. Benches may not be placed directly on top of burials.
       d.Monuments that are fee-standing and upright must be secured to a concrete base. Only pre-poured concrete slabs may be used. Concrete mixing and pouring is prohibited.
  4. Cemetery Grounds: There shall be no digging or movement of headstones in the Cemetery without written approval of Cemetery staff.
  5. Interments:  All interments must be performed or supervised by Cemetery staff.  To ensure the safety of everyone performing interments, Cemetery staff shall reserve the right to determine the appropriate standing distance for family members to view the opening and closing of graves.
  1. Cemetery Improvements: All improvements or alterations of property in the Cemetery shall be under the direction of and subject to the consent, satisfaction and approval of the District. Cemetery staff shall have the right to remove, alter or change such improvements or alterations at the expense of the interment rights owner, or in any event as they become unsightly or blighted at any time by Cemetery staff with their judgment.
  2. Floral Decorations: Floral designs will be allowed on the grave area only if they are placed in containers acceptable to Cemetery staff. Baskets or urns must be placed in line with headstones and remain within the parameters of the headstone not to exceed six inches (6″) directly in front of the headstone. Floral decorations must not extend on to other graves. Containers for floral designs (such as glass vases) are allowed temporarily following a funeral and during the two weeks before and after Memorial Day. Cemetery staff reserves the right to remove all floral decorations from the Cemetery as soon as, in their judgment, they become unsightly to the eye, dangerous, detrimental, and diseased or a safety issue. All floral designs must be removed by Labor Day. The District shall not be responsible for the return of floral designs or their containers to the owners. If it is determined by Cemetery staff that flower displays do not comply with these rules and regulations, a special care assessment may be assessed to the interment rights owner.
  3. Plantings: Nothing shall be planted on the grave area without written permission of the District.
  4. Special Care: Grave owners who desire special attention for their graves, other than the Cemetery’s perpetual lawn care, must make arrangements for such care with a Cemetery staff member. The district will determine an appropriate fee.
  5. Offensive Structures: If any gravesite monument, effigy or other structure placed upon any grave shall be determined to be improper or offensive by the District, it shall be the right and duty of Cemetery staff to remove such structure and notify the interment rights owner.
  1. Business Dealings: All Cemetery business must be directed through the Cemetery office. Visits at the Cemetery to view gravesites for purchase of interment rights shall be arranged in advance. Purchases and other transactions must occur at the Cemetery office or be conducted through a funeral home.
  2. Interment Rights: No burial will be conducted without proof of internment rights such as a copy of an Internment Agreement, Certificate of Interment Right, or Transfer of Interment Rights Form. If documents cannot be presented, interment rights will be determined based on the District’s records.
  3. Transferring Interment Rights: Interment rights may be transferred by a purchaser to a relative by blood or marriage and such transfer shall be recorded with the District by the filing of a Transfer of Interment Rights Form. All other transfers shall be coordinated through the District. The district shall refuse to recognize and honor any interment rights transfer unless and until it is first recorded with the District and no utilization of a Cemetery plot shall be made until compliance has been effected. Any person or legally authorized representative of the deceased wishing to resell interment rights to the District may do so, in which case the District will pay no more than the original interment rights purchase price.
  4. Burial Permits: No interment will be allowed without a proper burial permit. The owner of the interment rights, or a representative of said owner if the owner is deceased, must also sign a Burial Authorization Permit.
  5. Burial Arrangements: Orders for graves in the Cemetery shall be furnished at least 48 hours before the funeral. Two (2) hours of time shall be allowed between funerals at the Cemetery.

The mausoleum is and will be a lasting memorial to deceased family members who are entombed within its granite walls. The dignity of this memorial will be maintained at the highest standards possible. Therefore, the following rules have been established for reasons of neatness, uniformity, maintenance and also to prevent damage to the building itself.

  1. The mausoleum is governed by all rules and regulations set forth in this document, when applicable.
  2. Access to the interior of the mausoleum will be available by appointment only during Cemetery hours.
  3. Funerals held at the mausoleum shall be under the supervision of Cemetery staff.
  4. Mausoleum chapel shall be available for use by owners of niche and crypt interment rights. Cemetery staff must approve and schedule all chapel events no less than forty-eight (48) hours in advance.
  5. All entombments or inurnments in the mausoleum must be performed by Cemetery staff.
  6. No entombments shall be made in any above ground crypt unless the remains of the deceased to be entombed therein have been embalmed.

     7.  All remains entombed in the mausoleum shall be in a casket.

  1. Nothing shall be placed on crypt fronts. The use of decorations or flowers which are either placed on the floor, freestanding easels, wrought iron stands, or tables shall be allowed at the time of the funeral service and then again one time per year. Advance notice of placement is required and must be approved by Cemetery staff. Any items that are attached to crypts and niches directly by wire, tape, glue or such other similar method are strictly prohibited. The District has the right to remove and discard any objects such as cards, pictures or other articles placed on crypt or niche fronts. The interment rights owner is responsible for replacements of crypt or niche fronts due to defacement.
  2. One standard bronze plaque is approved for crypts and niches. Personal inscriptions are subject to approval by the District. The District will arrange for plaque inscriptions.
  3. Interment rights to all niche spaces shall be sold as an individual space. A cremains container of suitable material is required and must be approved by the District.
  4. Cemetery staff must perform the interment services for crypt and niche spaces. The District will not be liable for damages by others.
  1. The Cemetery District and its staff disclaim all liability for thefts of flowers, vases, urns or any other articles left at a gravesite and shall not be responsible for damages caused to gravesite monuments.
  2. The Cemetery District shall not be liable for any error made in interment service instructions the District receives by telephone.
  3. The Cemetery District shall not be liable for any delay in interment, or for any delay in the fulfillment of any contractual obligations under any Interment Agreement, including but not limited to the District’s maintenance, care, memorial work or construction obligations, which may arise from causes beyond the District’s reasonable control, including but not limited to delays caused by acts of God, common enemy, thieves, vandals, strikes, malicious mischief makers, explosions, unavoidable accidents, invasions, insurrections, riots or order of any military or civil authority.
  4. Special cases may arise in which the literal enforcement of a rule or regulation described herein may impose unnecessary hardship on the Cemetery District or an interment rights owner. The District reserves the right, in such cases, to make exceptions, suspensions or modifications. Any such temporary exception, suspension or modification shall in no way be construed as affecting the general application of the Rules and Regulations or serve as a waiver to the enforcement of the Rules and Regulations.
  5. The failure of the District to enforce a Rule or Regulation does not serve as a permanent waiver to enforce the applicable Rules and Regulations.