Meeting Minutes – August 2014


August 18, 2014
Members Present:
Dick Cleveland
Mike Martinez
John Sheehan

Members Absent:

Sidney Harrington
Ray Sforzo
Matt Mire, Legal counsel

John Sheehan called the regular meeting to order at approximately 4:05 p.m. at the Riverview Cemetery Mausoleum, Minturn, CO.

John, Mike, Dick, Ray, Sidney and Matt were all present.


Dick motioned to approve the meeting minutes from July 14, 2014.  John seconded the motion and all were in favor.

A. Matt attended the meeting to re-visit the new interment right contract. Language that states the Board is not a dispute resolving body was added to the contract as well as an interment right transfer form. Board and staff members agreed to remove the language that refers to “two caskets” in one space and all sales from this point forward shall be for 1 coffin and up to 4 cremains burials. Thus Dick motioned to revise the rules and regulations and the interment agreement, John seconded and all were in favor.

Matt suggested that we add definitions to the Rules and Regulations. Secondly, Matt suggested adding liability language to both R&Rs and interment rights agreement.  Respective revisions to the number of caskets and interment rights shall be revised. Additionally, the Board and staff discussed the 3rd party sales of plots for a profit. Dick recommended that the District “stay out of it”. So long as the required transfer form is executed and filed with the District, it is not the District’s concern because we have been paid. Board and staff agreed. Matt will draft changes.

B. Sidney gave an Administrator report:

A burial for Patrick Fred took place here in the upper cemetery on July 19. The burial took place with a temporary grounds crew as Ray was out of town. We are happy to say everything went well.

All of the sprinkler reels have been sold and funds deposited in the bank.

Ray has been placing all of the new cemetery plot and section markers throughout the cemetery. Sidney is also assisting with this process. All of the cemetery files; old, new and GPR field data; is essential for placing these markers and making order of all the plots.

First Bank credit card processing paperwork is ready for Board signature.  John will stop in the Vail First Bank to sign it this week.

C. Ray gave a Property Manager report:

Maintenance items such as staining, irrigation, lawn care and flowers have been ongoing throughout the summer. Prepping for new tree beds and flower beds is taking place now.

Ray made a list of equipment that will be stored in the proposed new storage shed:

– Bobcat
– Mini excavator
– Shoring equipment
– Blower and mower
– Tools
Mike would like to see all of this equipment protected and under cover, especially during the snowy winter months. Discussion ensued and Board and staff agreed that Ray will move forward with obtaining “hard numbers” for a 15 by 20 foot pole-barn type building.

Board and staff toured the cemetery grounds to assess landscaping and various grounds improvements including:

– Spruce tree planting next to the TOM building
– New flower bed below public restroom
– Drainage pan at public restroom
– Snow gate paving/pan options
– Walk-in gate sandstone pavers

Upon completing the cemetery tour, Dick motioned to approve the following projects with prices not to exceed:

1. Entry gate walkway at $2,500
2. Extend plant beds at $3,127 and $2,000
3. Add spruce trees on south side at $6,700
John seconded and all were in favor.

D. Dick is unable to attend the next meeting due to a scheduling conflict.  The Minturn cemetery tour is taking place on September 6 from 9am – 4pm.


The following electronic funds transfers were made:

EFT 8/18/2014  Century Link 258.08
EFT 8/4/2014  Vail Honeywagon 31.16
EFT 8/11/2014  Vail Honeywagon 27.24
EFT 8/1/2014  Waste Management    50.00
EFT 8/5/2014  Waste Management    50.00

The following checks were signed:

8/18/2014 1711 Andover Marker Company 6,820.16
8/18/2014 1712 Avignon Stone & Outdoor Living 3,850.00
8/18/2014 1713 Home Depot 273.99
8/18/2014 1714 Chase Ink 156.32
8/18/2014 1715 ERWSD 574.56
8/18/2014 1716 Hayes, Phillips, Hoffmann & Carberry 980.35
8/18/2014 1717 Industrial Chem Lab  206.76
8/18/2014 1718 MW Window Cleaning, Inc. 175.00
8/18/2014 1719 Orkin Pest Control 1,000.00
8/18/2014 1720 Sforzo Enterprises, Inc. 5,460.00
8/18/2014 1721 Sidney Harrington 2,485.00
8/18/2014 1722 The Paint Bucket 192.15
8/18/2014 1723 Vail Cleaning Machine 300.00
8/18/2014 1724 Vail Lock & Key 22.41
8/18/2014 1725 Xcel Energy 180.47
8/18/2014 1726 Mountain Striping 385.00
8/18/2014 1727 Rocky Mtn. Custom Landscaping  3,073.13
8/18/2014 1728 Mountain Valley Ventures 575.00
8/18/2014 1729 Defina Construction  2,000.00
8/18/2014 1790 Fitz Landscaping 8,896.60

Snow removal contract
Excavation contract

John motioned to adjourn the regular meeting and Mike seconded at approximately 6:08 PM.

The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 13, 4:00 p.m., at the Minturn Riverview Cemetery Mausoleum, Minturn, CO.

Respectfully Submitted:
Sidney Harrington

Mike Martinez
Minturn Cemetery District

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